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Physiotherapy Treatment

Physiotherapy treatment includes manual techniques such as joint mobilization and possibly manipulation; muscle, ligament and fascia realignment with tools and/or our hands, passive range of motion and exercise prescription. We may use other pain relieving modalities such as moist heat, ultrasound or muscle retraining with electrical muscle stimulation. We may incorporate acupuncture and/or dry needling to speed healing and facilitate optimal recovery from injuries.

Initial Physiotherapy Assessment and Treatment:  $130 (up to 1 hour)

Follow-up Treatment Session: $95 (up to 30 minutes)

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Acupuncture and Trigger Point Dry Needling (like IMS)

Acupuncture: the gentle insertion of sterile hair thin needles into anatomically based acupuncture points along energy meridians.  The needles remain in place for 15 minutes to stimulate your central nervous system to produce increased quantities of naturally occurring chemicals which act to decrease pain, swelling, muscle tension and heal the injured area.

Trigger point dry needling: acupuncture needles are inserted and fanned through the muscle to release the trigger points (tight bands within muscles).   These trigger points develop when nerves malfunction commonly in longstanding injuries to muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints. This technique will release the tension in the muscle to produce an immediate increase in movement and decrease in pain.  The positive effects are long lasting and dramatic.

There is no additional cost to the client for Acupuncture or Dry Needling. The physiotherapist will determine if either of these would be helpful in your recovery and you can choose whether or not you would like to try them.

Home Assessment for BC Rebate for Accessible Home Adaptations (up to $20,000.00 lifetime rebate)

A physiotherapist assessment is required for most adaptations to be approved. The household member must have a loss of ability or permanent disability. You must meet all criteria to be eligible for the rebate. Please go to to make sure that you qualify.

Physiotherapy Assessment: includes travel to your home, a home analysis, assessment of individual and relevant paperwork for the application.

Cost: $275.00 (fully refundable if approved and $250.00 is refundable even if you are not approved).

Please call the clinic at 604-989-4828 to schedule a home assessment with Jeannette LeBlanc, registered physiotherapist.

Pedorthic Assessment


Your feet are pretty amazing structures that we often take for granted until there is a problem. Our feet do change over time with exposure to injuries, excessive loading, aging and everything in between. The best place to start is with a good assessment.

We discuss your history,  look at your posture, foot type, joint range of motion and do a video gait analysis. From all of this information, I put together your best options for management given all factors. Footwear suggestions with styles and components of shoes that best suit your foot type are also given at the assessment appointment.


Often it’s also appropriate to refer out for soft tissue therapies like massage and physiotherapy, especially if your feet don’t seem to be the main contributor to your issues. 

Initial Pedorthic Asessment: $85.00

Custom Orthotics: $540.00

For orthotics or knee brace fittings please call the practitioner Noelle Trotter on her phone 604-319-2885.